Challenges in meteorology 6

Advanced technology for solving the meteorological challenges


Scientific-professional conference with international participation

15-16 November 2018 | Kraš auditorium | Zagreb, Croatia
















The development of meteorology and meteorological products is closely connected with the development of modern technologies. With this conference Croatian meteorological society aims to bring together experts from meteorology, climatology and other related fields and provide a platform for exchange of the latest research results and ideas. The conference is open to experts from meteorology and related natural and technical sciences, and to all users and providers of meteorological information.

The conference is expected to increase the awareness of the participants of the need for the continuous development of the modern meteorological tools, increase in the understanding of the advantages and limitations of advanced technologies, and a demonstration of the solutions for some of the current meteorological challenges such as the need of dense observational networks, and fast and efficient processing of large observational and model-generated data sets.


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